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Southview Reproduction is a 360 ͦ reproductive service

The Southview Obstetrics Service

Southview Reproduction is a 360 ͦ  reproductive service extending from coming into season to post whelping care of the bitch and pups and everything in between.


From day 25 post mating we are able to determine pregnancy using high tech ultrasonography.


We also use progesterone testing to ensure progesterone levels are adequate for the bitch to maintain the pregnancy.

  • Elective Caesarean Sections
  • Southview Caesarian Protocol
  • Aftercare
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Elective Caesarean Sections

An Elective Caesarean Section is one where we choose in advance to perform a section.  We recommend elective sections where a potentially high-risk whelping is identified. We may do this for various reasons, including a history of previous c-sections, breed tendencies or where there is only one pup seen on scan (Single Pup Syndrome).

Using accurate date predictions based on ovulation dates along with progesterone testing, we can expertly determine when a bitch should have a section. Timing is vital to maintain excellent puppy vitality rates and good maternal bonding. This will help to ensure puppies thrive afterwards.

It is crucial not to perform elective sections too early. We eliminate this risk by monitoring blood progesterone levels, which drop dramatically prior to whelping. We use ultrasonography to predict litter sizes and to assess foetal heart rates prior to performing sections. Foetal heart rates tell us if the puppies are in distress.

Southview Caesarian Protocol

Every measure is undertaken to produce healthy puppies from a happy and healthy dam. The bitch is scanned to check puppy heart rates and get an approximate litter size.

She is given a pre-medication 20 minutes prior to the operation to ensure she is calm and relaxed.  She is also put onto an intravenous fluids drip, and given some pain relief and antibiotic at this time. Oxygen is administered to ensure the blood oxygen levels are optimal.  We use specialised general anaesthetic agents which have a limited effect on the puppies to maintain excellent vitality rates. 

The bitch is closely monitored throughout the surgery by a veterinary nurse. A team of highly experienced vets and nurses are on hand to stimulate the puppies to breath after birth.

Oxygen and puppy resuscitation kits are immediately at hand in case of emergencies. Once the puppies are born the bitch is given opioid pain relief to minimise post-operative pain.

Immediately after the surgery the puppies are given an opportunity to drink from the bitch. This starts the maternal bonding experience and transfers the smell of the bitch onto the pups. The pups are kept close to the bitch to strengthen the maternal bond.


We aim to get the pups and dam home as soon as possible after the surgery. There, she can settle and relax in her own environment, which helps her to bond with the pups.

We give full veterinary advice upon discharge and afterwards we are available at all times to answer any questions that arise.

The Dam will go home with a full course of appropriate antibiotics and pain relief.

Price List

Ultrasound Scanning to determine pregnancy - €85

Caesarean Sections – price on individual basis

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