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Semen Collection

Semen Collection, Freezing and Storing

Why would you want to freeze a dog’s semen?

  • To export semen to other breeders around the world
  • To enable line breeding
  • As an insurance policy that you can call on if your dog is injured or if semen quality declines due to illness or old age
  • If stud dog is required to mate a number of bitches in a short period of time
  • How does it work?
  • Price List

How does it work?

Southview ReproVets are experts in freezing canine semen and there are puppies around the world from semen processed here.

  • Semen is frozen in a pelleted form which is easier for inseminators
  • Stored in cryovials in liquid nitrogen tanks
  • Specialised extenders and techniques yield excellent quality semen
  • During processing one frozen pellet is thawed to determine how many breeding units
    (inseminations) from each extraction
  •  2-4 breeding units per extraction depending on semen quality
  • The semen can be stored indefinitely without deterioration

Price List

Freeze canine semen - €400

Freeze canine semen repeat within 1 month or 2nd dog - €375

Store frozen semen – 1st cane (containing up to 3 large vials or 6 small vials) – per annum - €100

Store frozen semen –per extra cane (containing up to 3 large vials or 6 small vials) – per annum - €25

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