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Can do wonders for their mental well-being as well as their health

The Southview Grooming Experience

The benefits of grooming a pet reach far beyond simply looking smart and smelling fresh, it can do wonders for their mental well-being as well as their health.


We are proud of the professional and friendly service that our qualified groomer Jane provides in our purpose-built grooming studio, and we only use the best grooming products to compliment this fantastic service.


Most pets simply love the special attention and sensation that washing and grooming provides. However, because some pets can be nervous to begin with, we take a careful, steady approach until they feel comfortable and begin to realise the enjoyment of being pampered.

  • Who do we cater for?
  • The benefits of grooming
  • Dog Price List
  • Cat Grooming

Who do we cater for?

Catering for pure breeds and crossbreeds, we can groom to most breed standards or to a client’s custom requirements.

Your dog will receive the full service of:

  • shampooing
  • drying
  • trimming
  • nail trimming
  • ear cleaning/plucking, should it be required

Most importantly, we provide a personalised, reliable service for you and your dog beginning with a consultation of your expectations and requirements.

The benefits of grooming

Because every pet deserves the best, here are just some of the benefits of regular grooming:

  • A pet that feels fresh as a daisy. Never underestimate what this can do for their mental well-being, especially in older pets who are less able to keep themselves clean
  • An important part of their healthcare, dead hair and dirt will be removed and painful matts prevented
  • Grooming can have a massaging effect on the skin such that blood supply is stimulated, the result is a healthy and shiny coat
  • Nail length is kept in check, preventing in-growing nail problems and discomfort when exercising
  • Cleaning and plucking ears helps to keep them free from infection
  • Grooming your pets can help keep your home clean from hair, dirt and bacteria shed by your pet

Dog Price List

This is a guide and the final fees charged will be based upon actual size, coat length, degree of matting, time since last groom and to some degree, behaviour of dog. Please always ask for an estimate prior to grooming once we have met your dog and discussed your requirements.

Small Breeds
(for example)
€40 - 50

Medium Breeds
(for example)
€50 - 60

Large Breeds
(for example)
€60 - 70

Chihuahua Wire Fox Terrier Airedale Terrier
West Highland Terrier+Maltese Border Collie  Bearded Collie 
Shih Tzu  Cocker/Springer Spaniel  Golden Retriever
Toy or Teacup Poodle  Standard Schnauzer  Irish Setter 
Miniature Schnauzer  Miniature Poodle  Labrador Retriever 
Bichon Fris  Beagle  Standard Poodle 

Excess matt removal:
Where more than approximately 15% of coat is severely matted, there will be additional charges.

Cat Grooming

Our nursing team carry out cat grooming for cats who have long hair and become matted. In general, sedation is necessary so we use a small amount of a reversible sedation and monitor your cat so we can reverse the sedation if necessary. As long haired cats gets older they can find it difficult to groom themselves and are often left with severely matted coats which they cannot manage themselves.

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