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Southview Vets Cattery

Cats are part of the family and when you go away, it's important to know that your pet is safe from harm and under the care of professionals. So what better, than a vet-run hotel for your feline?

Our secure, warm cat kennels are kitted out with all that your cat needs for a comfortable stay. We provide nutritious food unless they require a special diet. This piece of mind can be enjoyed for just €14 per night.

We require cats to be fully vaccinated against feline flu in order to safely board with us. Record of vaccination will have to be provided at the time of boarding. If your cat is on a special diet we ask for you to please bring that with you.


We of course can administer any medication necessary but we also ask that you supply the medication. If your cat is being treated at our hospital we can renew your prescription as necessary.


Should your cat require treatment while boarding, we will call you and discuss our recommended course of action.


We use synthetic pheromones and cat caves to help your cat feel secure.

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