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Junior’s owner started to notice changes in his behaviour. He was off form, dull, not acting himself and he was slowly starting to lose weight. After veterinary examination, Junior was diagnosed with lumbar spine spondylosis. Spondylosis is a form of arthritis, that affects the vertebrae in the back.

Junior was started on a course of pain relief medication for a number of weeks, however he was still not himself. Junior was then referred for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.


He was assessed by our physiotherapist and started on a home exercise/rehabilitation plan aimed at reducing his pain, building up his strength, improving his balance and coordination.


Junior's treatment consisted of land based therapeutic exercises, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound and hydrotherapy.

Junior’s owner noticed changes in him every week. His behaviour started to improve, he was more relaxed at home, his energy levels started to increase and he looked forward to going for his walks again. After two sessions, Junior was off all pain relief and we were able to manage his pain with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy going forward.

Junior now comes in for regular sessions to help maintain his strength and manage his arthritic pain.

‘This time last year my boy was not himself, he seemed older and sad. After a lot of pain killers and tests we found the issues and got to work with Leonie. Since then there has been no looking back. I now have my happy, healthy boy back. Leonie will be a part of his life now to ensure he stays healthy and as strong as possible. Thank you Leonie.’

From Caroline and Junior

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