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Max is a 5 year old collie cross. Max recently had TTA surgery on both hind legs a year apart. However, Max’s recovery the second time round was much different from the first time.

Max had a traumatic rupture of his right hind cruciate. Four weeks post surgery Max was still struggling and not fully weight bearing on his right hind leg. His owner decided to start physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to help Max with his recovery.

Max was completely dependant on his front limbs and was severely compensating in both front legs as he recently had surgery on his left hind leg as well. Max was started on a rehabilitation plan and exercises which were tailoured to him, to help him in his recovery. His treatment consisted of land based therapeutic exercises and hydrotherapy which encouraged Max to start weight bearing on both hind legs correctly again, build up strength, reduce areas of tension, pain and address areas of compensation.


Max was relying on his front limbs for everything as they were carrying the majority of his weight as he was not fully weight bearing on his hind leg and was pushing as much weight off his hind limbs as he could. 

Max needed regular soft tissue massage, stretching, heat therapy and laser therapy to help resolve the tension and pain present throughout his front limbs. Max slowly began his road to recover.

Max is now 6 months post op and has never been better!

‘After Max had his second cruciate operation, his recovery was slow. Massive thanks to Leonie for all the physiotherapy for Max. Her care and attention to detail was excellent. Max was so lucky to have such top class facilities to improve his recovery. Leonie’s physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments were a massive help to getting Max back to full health. 

I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their pets’ mobility to contact Leonie.’

From Margaret and Max

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